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At a Glance: 2013 Yang Yi Guzheng Ensemble Public Concert




To help students to reach their full potential by teaching a curriculum that reflects the standards and traditions of today’s guzheng world.  Our teachers are dedicated to developing students’ technical and artistic skills.


As a music performing group, it is affiliated with New Jersey’s non-profit organization, American Alliance for World Music and Arts (AAWMA), for its Chinese Music Orchestra of New Jersey program. Your tax-deductible donation to the AAWMA (or as a corporate sponsor) is greatly appreciated.

You can Perform

Yang Yi Guzheng Ensemble is dedicating to providing, through productions, the opportunity for musicians from age 3 through adult to perform before public audiences. We encourage students to take challenge, to gain confidence, to grow as individuals, to work as a group, and to achieve their goals. Our musicians have chances to display their talent in a broad range of music styles including traditional, folk, pop, and contemporary.

Through the rehearsals, our musicians develop their existing technique. As they polish their music, they learn to project a confident appearance on stage.

While we focus on the performance as an end result, our performers receive a much more lasting benefit. They gain a sense of self-esteem, grow as artists, learn the importance of teamwork as well as responsibility to their peers and directors. We take pride in our performances, but we cherish the contribution we make to our community through the development of our performing artists.

Your Help Is Invaluable

We present at least performance each year. We’ll have audition in late fall or Spring for public concert. Our auditions are open to the public. You do not need to be a student at Yang Yi Guzheng Academy to participate.

We also need adult volunteers. Producing a successful show involves loading and unload instruments, backstage work, sound and lighting, costume alterations and cleaning, costume changes, fund raising, and many other activities. If you can help us, please contact us.


For a group of dedicated students, participating in competitions, whether as a soloist or in a group, help them understand the level of commitment and dedication necessary to be at their best.

  • 11-03-2013: Awards received at the annual New Jersey Music Teacher Association’s YOUNG MUSICIANS COMPETITION: 

First Place:     SOLO: Jennifer Zhang (age group 15-17), Grace Chen (age group 11-14);

ENSEMBLE: Joyce Lu, Bree Zhang, Grace Chen, Angela Weng, Sabrina Ngan, Emily Yang, Jiongnan Liu, Jacqueline Hua, Emily Chen, and Bonnie Hu

SECOND PLACE:        SOLO:   Bree Zhang (age group 11-14), ENSEMBLE:  Jennifer Zhang & Amy Zhang

THIRD PLACE:           SOLO:  (age group 11-14), Jiongnan Liu & Jacqueline Hua (age group 15-17),

HONORABLE MENTION: Angela Weng & Sabrina Ngan (age group 11-14)

  • 5-11-13:      Awards presented to YYGA students on May 11, 2013 at New Jersey Music Teacher Association’s 2013 SPRING RECITAL AUDITION COMPETITION Winners Recital: 7 High Honor Awards (Diana Sun, Jennifer Zhang, Jacquelin Hua, Grace Chen, Joyce Lu, Angela Weng and Bree Zhang) and 11 Honor Awards (Eileen Yang, Zi-Rou Chen, Rachel Ngai, Vicki Ling, Adina Golomb, Bonnie Hu, Emily Yang, Sabrina Ngan, Ying-Jie Zhang, Emily Chen, Jia-Ying Fu).
  • 4-28-2013: Jennifer Zhang received BRONZE AWARD (ranked # 3) at the AMERICAN YOUTH TALENT & ART CONTESTS presented by SINOVISION TV STATION
  • 4-28-2013: Jennifer Zhang was a GRAND WINNER to perform at the NATIONAL YOUNG MUSICIANS SHOWCASE COMPETITION winners concert at Carnegie Hall. The competition is presented by the NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS.
  • 11-06-2012: Awards received at the annual New Jersey Music Teacher Association’s YOUNG MUSICIANS COMPETITION: Jennifer Zhang, Grace Chen, and Emily Yang received FIRST PLACE in their age group (AGE GROUP 15-17, 11-14, and under 10) on solo; Angela Weng, Joyce Lu, Bree Zhang, Sabrina Ngan, Grace Chen and Emily Yang won the 1st place in the Ensemble category; among other winners, Bree Zhang and Adina Golomb won the SECOND PLACE, Jocelyn Fu won THIRD PLACE, and Emily Chen and Jacquelin Hua won Honorable Mention awards.
  • 10-6-2012: At the Princeton International Chinese Music Competition, Diana Sun, Jocelyn Fu, Jennifer Zhang, Grace Chen, as well as the adult students Mimi Schaaf and Eugenia Wu won the FIRST PLACE award. Bree Zhang, Joyce Lu, Jacquelin Hua won the SECOND PLACE award.
  • 5-13-2012: Awards presented to YYGA students at New Jersey Music Teacher Association’s 2012 Spring Recital Audition Competition Winners Recital: 8 High Honor Awards (Diana Sun, Jia-Ying Fu, Jennifer Zhang, Grace Chen, Jennifer Ling, Angela Weng, Joyce Lu and Emily Yang) and 9 Honor awards (Zi-Rou Chen, Valerie Zhang, Marjorie Wang, Jacqueline Hua, Adina Golomb, Sabrina Ngan, Jessica Zhu, Bree Zhang and Emily Chen).
  • 4-28-2012: Diana Sun was a GRAND WINNER to perform at the NATIONAL YOUNG MUSICIANS SHOWCASE COMPETITION winners concert at Carnegie Hall. The competition was presented by the NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS
  • 8-12-13 to 8-17-13    Adjudicator for the 3rd International Chinese Zither (Guzheng) Competition, which included 280 finalists from 10,000+ contestants from Asia, Europe, North America countries competing in 6 of the professional and non-professional categories.
  • 6-21-13 to 6-22-13    Featured soloist with the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra at Grant Park Music Festival in Millennium Park, Chicago, United States’ only free outdoor classical music series that offers classical music concerts in the heart of downtown Chicago. Performing concerto piece written by the world’s most promising composer, 2008 Olympic Music Director Chen Qi-Gang, with Grant Park Orchestra, under the Principal Conductor Carlos Kalmar in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. There are on average 12,000 concert-goers per concert.
  • 5-16-13 to 5-18-13   Adjudicator of the FIRST NORTH AMERICA ZITHER (Guzheng) COMPETITION, held in Edmonton, Canada. This competition also serves as the preliminary round of the International Chinese Zither Competition to be held in Hong Kong from Aug. 12 to 17, 2013
  • 4-19-13   Featured soloist to World Premier Dutch-English composer Jobina Tinnemans’s guzheng with chamber ensemble work at the MATA Festival.
  • 3-9-13     Featured Soloist in the Kent State University featuring works by Canadian composers, Janet Danielson, Moshe Denburg and Tung Lan.